Thursday, March 17, 2011

Review from a teacher at Hooven Elementary

The buzz in our building today was unbelievable, from what I've heard. I got some great emails from staff, but I was actually out today because my husband had knee surgery. I'll be excited to talk with the kids tomorrow at school. I stopped in the Harrison Kroger to get my husband some "treats" tonight and ran into one of my students and his grandpa. His grandpa came with him last night. He actually stopped me and thanked me. He said Ethan, his grandson, told him I had helped get you to our school and that it was the neatest school event he had been a part of in ten years with his grandkids. On my way out, he stopped me again and said, "Thanks again, Mrs. Harmon. That was really cool!". So know that you made a difference. More later...

:) Joann
Hooven Elementary school

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