Thursday, March 8, 2012

Online School Visits!

I just started doing online school visits this year and I love them. Now, it's not exactly the same as being at the school in person, but it's pretty darn close. This week I did two more online school visits. These were northern Ohio, but I live in southern Ohio, so it saved me a very long drive. In December I visited there schools in Australia online. I am trying to get a new video explaining my online school visits together but until that time here is some info for anyone interested.

1) The online school visits are free.

2) Your school can choose to sell my four drawing books to the students if they would like and earn 30% of every book sold.

3) presentations are 45 minutes long. 20 minutes of me talking about my career and 25 minutes of me drawing with the students.

4) Students will be drawing with me, so they need to have paper and pencil at the start of the presentation.

If you are interested in an online school visit for your school, library, or summer camp locate my contact info at the top of this blag and set up a time and date.

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