Friday, October 12, 2012

Spiderbite app is out for iPad and iPhone

Here are some scenes from my NEW app Drawing With Letters: The Haunted Creeps and Ghastly Ghouls of Spiderbite. Only a $1.99 for the iPad and iPhone

* Tap on the different rooms of the haunted house
* Great sound effects and animations
* Explore rooms of the haunted house
* Discover a fun animation about the haunted house known as Spiderbite
* Step by step animated drawing steps

I am really proud of this app. I want to thank Johnny Byrnes for all his hard work programming this app and for his awesome work on all the sound effects. I created both the book and the app at the same time and I was really overwhelmed working on both at the same time, but they both turned out amazing.
-Steve Harpster

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