Friday, February 26, 2016

Chipmunk Riding On A Dragon

Here is my strangest drawing video to date. I took the number 291 and turned it into a chipmunk flying on a pterodactyl, only I wasn't sure how to spell pterodactyl so I named it a dragon instead.

It actually looks more like a dragon than a pterodactyl. I had fun with this one and kids are always challenging to turn big numbers into cartoon characters.  I hope you have fun with this one. I have a really fun video for next week.

Oh, and there were some really awesome art submissions this week from young artists. I seem to have one group of artists out of Midway school district in Texas that are real regulars. They send me their illustrations every week. I love seeing the cool stuff they come up with. Here are some of them below.

Happy Drawing!
-Steve Harpster

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